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Im using the correct cables etc. The emitter was working ok until i went to upgrade it (had to change the settings to be compatible with the hc8000)its definitely not working at all. The place I bought it from will refund no questions asked. Its a bit of a worry though if its so flakey that it will die during upgrade...hmmm
Has anybody had this problem with the Estar emitter I plugged it in to the pc to upgrade and it started upgrading then got to the end and light went out. Now when plugged into the pc there are no lights Plugged into the projector there are no lights either cheers
Yeh i run sharpness +1 on my hc8000. With htpc text it seems to be just right sharpness wise. As far as the lamp being really quiet for you. I think the projector automatically adjusts the fan speed to keep the lamp temp at a certain temperature. So if you have a nice cold room the fan speed will be noticeably lower than in a hot room.
Cool...it has the realtime lamp and projector temperature as well,...very useful
I don't know if its related but I had a similar problem with an hc7800 and it was lens shift that was causing the problem...ie when lens shift was in a neutral position the red corner tinge disappeared.
Awesome ... this is fantastic that you found this hidden setting. I have been having problems with an HC8000 and a 10metre hdmi run. Changing this setting to 10-20metres has solved all the HDMI syncing issues.
Cheers, I will look into doing that as it sounds like a cheap exercise if it makes an appreciable difference. I dont have any complaints about the tweeters now as they sound fine to my ears already and are much better than the ones in the synergy series i had before.Is it as simple as replacing the capacitors with some more expensive ones, or are there specific capacitors I should use?
All Good .. Its sorted. The Tweeters seem ok (redid all connections to amps / speakers / checked inside speakers and took horns/tweeters out)But out of interest now can you get upgraded titanium tweeters like the ones in the rf5s? .. I see they use K-119-KB 1" (2.54cm) Titanium dome compression driver, whereas the older rf3s use k-124-k.Would I notice an appreciable difference in sound with the newer klipsch tweeters? ... Im using an Onkyo 9755 stereo amp
Hi guys. I have some RF-3s and the tweeter is distorting on one of them. I thought I would take this opportunity to upgrade both tweeters at the same time rather than just fix one. Anyone have a suggestion as to what tweeter to buy. I was looking at this silk dome one on ebay http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Klipsch-RF-3-RF3-RF-3II-RF-5-K-124-K-Tweeter-DRIVER-SILK-Diaphragm-replacement-/370789107592?pt=US_Speaker_Parts_Components&hash=item5654c0c788&_uhb=1 Im not necessarily...
By the way anybody having problems with the screen blanking out or corrupting over HDMI, the 7900 and 8000 are sensitive to the type of cable being used. On both my hc8000s I have used a 10m cable and had to use an HDMI booster on the end to stop dropouts at 1080p 60hz. I haven't tried the cables with the built in passive booster but I assume they would work well over long distances too
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