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Apple just released an update to the Apple TV that enables 5.1 audio in Netflix streaming.
The current Apple TV doesn't do 1080p either.
I don't own a TV. All my viewing and gaming is on a projector.
+1 for the HD65.
I just painted a screen. I used it for a day before I painted a black border. Adding the border made a pretty big difference.
Would it be feasible to attach the screen to the north wall with a hinge? If so, you could swing it into place when you want to use it.
I wouldn't trust any manufacturer's claims for contrast ratio.
Yeah, I started out looking at some of the new 1080p projectors, too. I wasn't convinced that the extra resolution would make much of a difference in my setup, so I didn't feel like it was worth the extra price. You're talking about using a bigger screen than me, though (I'm using a 92").
I just picked up an HD65. I love it so far.
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