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If the above line in bold is true, how can you validate anything you have commented on thus far. Let alone saying one format is inferior to the other since you have no first hand experience with either product. Wait, if this is the case why the heck do you even care if one company paid another for a service in the first place. Since you are not vested in either format.
Bump I am also interested in owner reviews of this system I am also aware the review is a little far fetched.
Here is a link to the two models in question. This is from the Olevia website. http://www.olevia.com/products/compa...42T&pidTo=542i
Also check out Outlaw Audio LFM-1 Plus Subwoofer.
That exact stand can be bought at Walmart that is where I bought mine it is identical and not expensive at all. Some thing like 230.00
I'm a proud owner of two 537H's and have not had a single problem with them. The picture quality is amazing on HD and SD isn't as bad as some other more expensive sets I've seen. So, for the price of admission they are hard to beat. The only thing I could think of that could be better is when using the built in tuner the channels change slow. Once calibrated the picture is amazing. It is actually pretty good out of the box.
I purchased mine from monoprice as well.
There you go folks pony up the extra scratch and get the Swans M200 form the above link you won't be unsatisfied or find the Klipsch Pro Media 2.1's.
Ideally you would want the front three to be the same or as close as possible so they are timbre matched. Next have you auditioned any of the speakers you have mentioned? That would be the most important thing. Because really what do you care about what we as a group would like it is your hard earned money and your ears that have to listen to it. I really don't mean that to sound as crass as it does. So please don't take offense. I haven't heard BA in a long time they...
I will also say when shopping online there are three places I always start with before I make a purchase (unless I have already purchased from that specific vendor) and that is www.pricegrabber.com www.amazon.com www.resellerrating.com And I have to say I do a whole lot of shopping online.
New Posts  All Forums: