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ask in the Car Audio, Video, and Nav forum. http://www.avsforum.com/f/160/car-audio-video-and-nav
it's possibledont give up. my problem was a 'simple' user error,that was not very complicated once I figured out what I was doing wrong. My problem was my wiring into my iNuke, and didn't necessitate opening up my sub. Double check that first... but it may very well be a wiring issue inside your sub. I hope not, because that's harder.I will say, that once I corrected my own dumb-ass error... the output from my "new" ( to me , albeit hand me down sonotube enclosure) ...
fwiw...hopefully it helps you, but it may help someonw else as well...many people may read this post, long into the future... I picked up a sonotube set up for dual opposed, sealed drivers...with a bare wire leading from outside to inside... I identified one wire, that had writing on it, from externally, and continuing internally... no speakons or terminals... and designated that one as positive... I followed that wire to the inside of the sub, and wired it to a positive...
it was my thread to begin with... my Onkyo 818 does not need a voltage step-up. It does just fine. My problem was a defective TRS converter... or more accurately, I should've been using an RCA --> TS adapter ( I think, but never tried it), my problem disappeared using an RCA --> XLR just saw you new post, while I was typing mine... so... that leads me to think there's a wiring problem in your sub... it's what I was trying to avoid, and I did... because I was so sure......
using 4 pole speakon? +1 and +2 for bridged, or +1 nad-1 for stereo, or dual mono?
remember also, that these people make their paycheck by separating you from yours. You have successfully found a dealer whose best interests are not the same as yours. Congratulations. (keeping it positive ) Joseph
looks perfect to me.
I got my adapter from Radio Shack, and could only detect output by turning everything up...literally MV to 0, and my sub trim up to +12. I think it was a defective rca-> TRS adapter. If you're getting strong signal, then you're probably fine. I had almost no signal, until I switched out to an rca -> XLR adapter.
tks... only because I just went through such a headache trying a rca to TRS adapter.... and being new to DIY and the inuke completely, it was a bit of a learning curve. The XLR adapter is definitely the way to go, IMHO. Joseph
wait...the inuke doesn't have a speakon connection coming FROM the AVR...just XLR or 1/4 inch connector.... Speakons are OUT from the inuke TO the subwoofer only.I used an rca cable I already had, and got a 'female rca to female XLR adapter'.
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