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you may not need an amp. I would get the AVR (the Denon x4000 would be very nice) and see if it produces enough volume for your tastes. Alot will depend on what speakers you choose, re: their sensitivity, your listening distance, and your personal volume preferences. If you get low sensitivity speakers, and have a huge room... will be very different from high sensitivity speakers in a small room. Every situation is different. Joseph
I see the Sanus SF 26 on sale at BB's website for 100... I paid slightly less through Geeks, but they seem to be shut down now, and a quick google search didn't beat that deal. If you need a different size, try price grabber or another google search. As far as quality, they're great. I filled mine with VERY DRY sand, and they are very sturdy. I little sticky-tack and you're good to go.
Radio Shack.
The guy at the local electronics store even said it shouldn't make a difference... so glad I tried it anyway. now to get the other 'tube finished... Thanks again, everyone!
it was the TRS adapter. Picked up an RCA --> XLR adapter today, and everything works like it should. Now to read up on optimal set-up, particularly gain matching CE equipment with pro amps. Thanks to all who helped. and yes, it crushes the HSU. Joseph
picked up an RCA to XLR adapter today, and it did the trick. now it's time to read up on gain matching CE equipment with pro amps. Thanks to all who helped. Joseph
double check the wiring where? first i triple checked the drivers before I closed up the sub... I didn't want to do that again.. crappy screws the first time...I did the same thing with 2 different, brand new Inuke 3000 dsp's... I've replaced the Speakon with another... The only way I've heard anything is by turning off my other sub, and turning off my satellite speakers (all of them), by turning off the amp they're connected to... then turning the sub trims in my AVR up...
I followed this:
Wired out from my 818 sub out, using the same RCA wire as to my existing HSU vtf 3 mk 3, adding a 1/4" TRS converter plug, into input A... set the brand new Behringer to 'bridged' mode, output via speakon, wired with pos to 1+, neg to 2+, directly into a dual driver sonosub, making sure the 'positive' wire went into the pos connection on one coil of the first driver, another wire from the - of that coil to the + of the other coil, and the negative of that coil back into...
ty for your help, Chaluga... My initial thought was a couple martysubs... when I caught a whiff of Beast's sonotubes being put out to pasture... so I jumped. Not my original plan, but having completed enclosures seemed like a saving in time, $, and effort... just hasn't worked out that way...but I do think this is just a 'growing pain'. I've long thought that we never grow until we're pushed outside the boundaries of which were comfortable, and that is where I find...
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