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Sounds like good times. Hope to see lots of pics and reviews. Joseph
sorry for the censored website, but apparently it's not ok to discuss having a FAT, as in not thin, WALLET, when visiting a favored (dot) COM. and promoting them would probably earn another infraction point. so consider yourself warned...
targeted offer for the 150, but there is an available 100 off 500 purchase offer available when opening a new Blue Cash Everyday card. quick google search brings it up. sorry for the off topic discussion, but ************** finance forum has this and many, many more ways to save, and even make $, in very clever ways.... moral or ethical ways, different story
same here... stock due on 4/4... with the spring sale, and AMEX's generous 150 off 500 offer... works out to $360 shipped for a pair of 3000dsp's.
I realize it's too late for you, but I saved $ by ordering mine individually... 1 was $24 shipping... 2 was $55, 3 was $101, and all 4 at once would've been $135... so worth checking that out .
I've got a pair of HSU VTF3 mk 3's I'd sell for $1050 for the pair. no damage , work perfectly. still have original boxes and packing materials. Only reason I'm selling is to go DIY. I havn't listed them for sale anywhere, yet, but would only want a local sale or pick-up anyway. Oh yeah, I'm just outside of Johnson City, TN... 2 hour drive from Greenville, SC. They are still set up and can demo. Joseph
I've got one of those cartridges going unused. You can have it, for the low cost of free. and yes, it's one of the 'correct' ones send me a PM if interested, and congrats on the find! Joseph
Infinity Primus 363 currently on sale @ Fry's for 107 each, pickup only, and Amazon has matched them, but currently out of stock, but you can order at that price and they'll ship when they come in.
It's probably safe to say that your sub doesn't perform like it did when new. How much, if any, degredation has occured, is a guess, at best. I would think it would be gradual, short of complete failure, and you may have adjusted to it just as gradually. Therefore, even if you were to compare it's original, brand new, specs, to those of a brand new, 'modern' sub, it's still not an equal comparison. You have already stated you aren't happy with your current sub's...
looks like you're putting a computer chip into some nasty ringworm... ewwww.
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