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Forgive me if I'm wrong, but what you're describing isn't Double Blind Testing. That would require the individual testing to also NOT KNOW which component is being tested. Merely having the test subject blindfolded , while the person administering the test knows full well which is which, would be Single Blind Testing, right?
"make the car go BOOOOM" that's priceless.
my relatives are 5 minutes away from PSA's HQ... I'm about 12 hours. SlippyZ is 4 hours away. I was in Mineral Ridge during their grand opening weekend, but unfortunately I was there to say goodbye to my grandmother, God bless her, she was 97, and that was the priority. Most of my relatives there are vultures and scum, unfortunately, and I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them. No worries . Just hope Tom and crew have good video surveillance 24/7. Just...
That would be the New England Patriots... they just beat the Indianapolis Colts. but that means Peyton can beat them, again, next week....
about 4 hours drive... I have family in Mineral Ridge
1st, go here: http://www.avsforum.com/t/989316/want-advice-on-what-sub-to-purchase-please-read-this-before-posting/0_100 then post back with answers to the 7 questions in the first post. This info will help determine viable options.
IMO, your sub is the weak link. I had a very similar set-up, except with a cs2 center and monitor 50's as 'rears', and adding a HSU VTF3 , and setting an 80 hz crossover, took a lot of strain off my 70's, enabling them to perform better from 80 hz and up. The sub handled the lower stuff much better that the M70's ever did, even though they are rated +/-3 db to 40hz. The size of your room (and any open areas attached to it, in total cu. ft) will dictate how much subwoofage...
quote: "I was impatient, simply turn it on with the push button switch, then turn auto on switch on back to on." or just turn it on, and leave it on, and you wont have to ever turn it on again, or switch the auto on switch to on, because it'll already be on. all kidding aside, I've had my subs just "on" for the last 2 years. No significant power used when it isn't getting a signal. Joseph
You're very welcome. Please report back after you get the new equipment set up and the speakers calibrated. I suspect you'll be quite happy. Then when the next upgrade bug bites, we'll discuss those subs...
Are you happy with how your current set-up sounds? Matching the surrounds isn't as important as having a unified front speaker set, so if you enjoy what you have, that's all that matters. There is always better ... and there is 'good enough'. Only you can decide where that point lies with your usage, wants, and budget. Joseph
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