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It's the low frequency soundwaves your subwoofer produces that make things in your room rattle, not the vibrations from the subwoofer's enclosure itself, unless it is very poorly constructed. If these $50 "isolation pads" make a difference, then wouldn't a set of $7 rubber 'floor protectors' like...
It is best to listen to them yourself to decide which you prefer. Speakers are subjective, and what one person (or 10 or 100) likes may not sound good to you. Buy the right tool once. Changing / upgrading is far more expensive (and more time / frustration) than the added cost of buying what YOU like in the first place. have you seen the "I'll demo my speakers.... " thread ? It's in the stickies at the top of this page, and there are people from all corners who have...
Bill knows audio. I know the restaurant / bar industry... $500 will barely get you a consultation, let alone the hardware you'll need.. besides the actual monthly fee for content... to do it right (no commercials) and legally... hire a local pro and add a zero to that budget.. Joseph
Stated differently, you may enjoy it more after a couple of weeks because your ears have 'broken in' to the sound of the speakers of course, that's IMO, and YMMV. enjoy what you have.... Joseph
Hi Mikeman, and welcome to AVSForum No bookshelf speaker is going to accurately reproduce the bass that is found in EDM music. You'll need a subwoofer to handle those low frequencies. Period. Even large and expensive floorstanding speakers will struggle with those low notes, and IF they can come close, they will do so at the expense of the rest of the frequencies you're asking them to reproduce. Joseph
I have this set ,in the 5.2 version, although with the previous generation (the mk 3) subwoofers. I'm very happy with them. I'm probably biased, but I've really not seen or heard any negative reviews, at least from people who have actually heard them. this is IMO, and of course, YMMV. Joseph. side note, have you looked through the "I'll demo my speakers..." thread ? There are a couple of us with HSU set-ups listed there.
I went from the Polks (70's up front with a CS2, 50's for sides) to a full HSU set . I wouldn't go back. The HSU's are a much more accurate speaker. The Polks, while capable of playing loud, were very 'bright', IMO, and did give some 'listening fatigue' at those more spirited levels. I've never had that problem with the HSU's, regardless of how long or how loud I listen. btw... welcome to AVS Joseph
available as today's deal of the day from Musicians Friend for $179.99. Hope it helps someone. don't forget 4% cash back from FatWallet, or eBates. Joseph
ummmm... yes.
Overkill was my main design goal. I'm not quite there yet, though... I'd much rather have more than I need, and be able to turn it down, than wish I had more, for the times I'd like to really turn it up to 11 , and not have that ability on tap. Joseph
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