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Looking for custom theater stickers for the plexi glass door of a home theater ticket booth, any sources ?
I've been doing interior trim for over 20 yrs and have used most saws on the market. The rigid 10" is by far the best table saw I have ever owned.
Actually ALOT of gold and cherry accents (but it is black )
Black dominates my color scheme, with some gold and cherry accents. https://picasaweb.google.com/mahler007/TheatreRoom
Romans outfitted several builds I have done for clients...take his advice.
Anyone in need of pinball or older style arcade games repaired, I live in Hunterdon county NJ and found a guy. His company name is Electric Junkyard (908)507-1463. Neil Nagy. His e-mail is NeilNagy @gmail.com ( not sure if he breaks it down or its all one line) Anyway, I had him look at a Captain Kidd rifle game my sons and I picked up roadside and he had it up and running in no time. If you e-mail him put pinball in the subject line or he considers it spam. His passion...
I had an I-beam and duct work to contend with so I made it symetrical. Insulated, plywood and rocked. https://picasaweb.google.com/mahler0...82534891218850
could not imagine not having them...
looking good, I like your web page. I had the same framing issues with duct work as you do with plumbing, and in the end I think the soffit designs gave me alot of design options that make the room killer. Are you doing crowns? If you are shooting for a dedicated theater, don't be afraid to go a little "over the top" with designs. My friends like sitting in the theater for the trim aspect alone, that I did. If your doing it yourself, you should have fun doing it. Oh !...
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