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Preorder? this isn't the PS4
Is there a battery indicator, what if half way through LOTR marathon and the surrounds goes out
What about lying down on the bed and putting on your favorite pov gonzo, then have your gf... that would be worth the price for sure.
I emailed bic why it's not listed on their website, but haven't gotten a reply. Looks just like the dayton bar, even the back looks the same.
Anyone listen to the other bic soundbar SED-BAR? It's listed on amazon, but not on the bic america website.
how about using the analog audio out from the media player your using, set your sub crossover low and adjust volume to match fronts from the optical digital out
Frozen Planet The Complete Series comes out April 17. Is it going to be like Planet Earth with two different versions and narrators?
Female version of The Rock
turn on the subtitles
whats new and which cut is better
New Posts  All Forums: