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Found it. 92.3 is the channel right now. 633 MHz.
Oh it is absolutely a ploy to get people to lease boxes. Leasing equipment is what the cable model is all about. That aside, do you have the frequency you're currently getting it on in Rogers? As far as I know, Cox uses the same channel lineup for all of Benton County.
Anyone here using Clear QAM via Cox to pull locals for Northwest Arkansas? I'm wondering if anyone else lost 40/29 yesterday. I've done a complete re-scan without success. All other locals for NWA and Tulsa's ABC (KTUL) are fine.
I'm glad to hear the recommendation of the 4228, that's the one I was looking closely at. And the tip on the 7777 is valuable as well. Can you tell me if you have personal experience with the Warren Electronic Distributors site you linked to? They appear to have the best price around, but I'm always wary of online sellers I haven't heard of before.
Thanks for the multiple story tip...I had used antennaweb previously but selected single story. Any advice on antenna selection would be greatly appreciated. I would prefer to put one in my attic rather than roof mount, but reliable signal is paramount.
Has anyone had success getting consistent over the air hd signals in Bella Vista? I pull in 51-1 & 51-2 from KNWA with great signal, but I think that's only because they are broadcasting from Rogers. I can only get brief success with 5-1 and 29-1. I'm mainly concerned with 5-1 because I'd like to get the Super Bowl in HD.
New Posts  All Forums: