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Upgrading the HDTV in my bedroom, currently on an LG 26LC2R which has served me well over the past 7 months or so, the 2 TV's I'm currently looking at are the LG 42LC2D and the Samsung LE40R74BD. Will be used mostly for DVD's and XB 360. Now the LG is £19 more but after looking in the owners thread on this forum there seems to be a lot of problems regarding the VGA input which is no good for me because I need my PC connected to it. The samsung is definitely the better...
I was thinking about maybe getting this one for my room, can't decide to be honest, I'm currently using a 26" LG 26LC2R but was seriously thinking about going getting the Samsung 40" Samsung 40" LE40R74BDX tomorrow. It's shot down in price along with many other 37 and 40 inchers. Best part is my room isn't very big so I will be a max 6 feet away from the TV, it's going to look damn well bigger than a 40" when it's in my room
360's aren't the most reliable pieces of equipment, that's the main reason for me being apprehensive about playing dvd's on it, I'm on my 4th 360 already because the others crapped out on me for no reason.
Well I've now returned the Sammy and my money should be refunded into my account soon enough, the bad memories of the PQ will stay with me for a while I think. :(
The 360 through VGA is great for upscaling, much better than that POS Sammy HD860 I've just returned. Although I agree with KMR when he says he doesn't like using the console as a DVD player, always have the feeling it's jsut going to crap out on me if I do it, might just go for the HD DVD drive for it instead.
Don't get the samsung HD860. mines going back today, terible PQ and upscaling, just thought I'd save you the trouble of buying then returning it.
Whatever you do don't get the sammy hd860, I'm taking mine back today. Even with HDMI it does a terrible job of upscaling and the PQ is terrible.
As I've discovered, might just wait for shops to get the XB360 HD DVD add on in stock and buy that instead.
Well I've played around with all the settings on my TV and the player, also used Avia and I have to say the image quality really isn't good. SD DVD's actually look better playing on my 360 at 480p component than they do playing at 720p or 1080i on the sammy through HDMI. Think I'll take it back tomorrow, glad the HDMI cable only cost me £13 otherwise I'd be very annoyed because I now have no use for it (unless I get another upconverting player). A week waiting for my...
Have had the player for nearly a week and my HDMI cable just came today, I'm using it on an LG 26LC2R, so what are the best settings to use to get the best quality PQ out of it? Thanks.
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