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Thank you for the directions on when to be excited and show thanks. It had been over year since I posted on this forum [because many here are so preachy and argumentative] so I forgot to wear a helmet. I will endeavor to remain skeptical and unappreciative until anything posted here is proven with a screen shot or affidavit.
Very welcome news, thanks for posting.
Thanks for this post. My wife goes to Moscow in June, now I can start a wish list for things to bring back home. If she finds one I'll try to update the thread re: quality.
I know absolutely nothing about the mastering process but have been a customer of Criterion since their beginning. It seems they take far more care in bringing their editions to market than the average studio. Is it possible that this was not easy to fix? I am not being sarcastic - you sound like an expert, and I would like to know why Criterion would just say "yeah, that's easy to fix, but let's not do it". Maybe they only mastered their version with automatic...
My first blu blind buy and worth every penny.
It is a shame that one has to sort through 36 pages of package complaints to learn about releases and reviews re: Criterion. Thread titles are much easier to avoid than mixed posts. Santa? Can they have a separate Criterion "these packages suck" thread?
This was how I remembered this scene also. But upon watching with my 6 year old son yesterday it turns out they are standing in circle at dawn, Christmas morning. I think it's supposed to read bright and intense as opposed to the dark some of us remember. I've been watching this for at least 35 years and enjoy the new and old. For the detail and usually refreshing color palate the BD will likely be played more often.
Agreed, waiting patiently for Point Blank, these will have to do for now...
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