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I have read lots of posts here about the troubles many Pearls have with uniformity. I am reaching about 600 hours on my bulb and have noticed a significant, recent decrease in color uniformity. B & W is unwatchable and it's noticeable in many color films/scenes now too. Is there some other time related aspect involved, i.e. is LCOS inherently unstable? Have any Pearl owners noticed an improvement in uniformity after replacing bulbs? I had hoped to upgrade to a...
I saw Outland on DirecTV HD recently and it was a dream come true. 2010 is a buy for me.
If you watch any black and white material, and especially if you love those films, I would be wary of the 50. I have one and enjoy it very much but color uniformity issues make me leave most B&W films on the shelf.
I bought mine directly from Criterion and it shipped a couple days ago.
Perhaps a region free blu-ray player? There are several out there in the ether.
"Disclaimer: Please note that this screenshot was captured at 720p and then compressed using JPEG to improve the loading time. While it should give you a general idea of what a title will look like, it's not representative of the true quality that Blu-ray offers."
LMAO funny, it's so nice to have a light moment in between the DNR and EE thrashings
This is the first mention I've seen for Vanishing Point. Great news, thanks for the post.
Some of the stuff from the 60's & 70's looks pretty soft but the interviews and better/recent source material can be very nice. Buying from Discovery is much more expensive than Amazon or other sources.
You're right, I apologize. Off topic, but not crap.
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