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'How the west was won' Karl Malden in top form
Thanks all for the input, it does help, helped with my first PJ. Could be time for an upgrade...
I would greatly appreciate any comments owners of the VW200 have regarding uniformity. I have a Pearl that I enjoy very much in every way other than its non uniformity. Black and white, a favorite genre for me, is hard to watch. I have a slight [much improved over an earlier Sony lycos RP set] lavender discoloration in the center of my screen that is very distracting. Moving up to some of the other advantages of this PJ would be more tempting if I thought I had a...
I'll replace my 20 or so Criterion titles with HD and purchase more as soon as they release them... waiting... Have not purchased a SD DVD since hooking up the Blu. Try emailing them [I have before], they seem to listen to their market.
I like how great Casino Royale looks, a great example of how natural HD can look when it's done right.
I thought it looked great too. It is encouraging to see such a nice transfer of an old film compared to some transfers of new films - Castaway comes to mind. Soylent Green is made of people, bring it on...
Wow, I thought it would take more than 7 minutes for someone to dump on this thread. Here's an idea, when you see a thread title for a movie you hate [or don't understand], stay out of the thread, or start your own 'how many of us hate this movie?' thread.
I agree with all of the above and would pay dearly for a Blu copy of the Criterion remaster of the original film while we're at it!
The standard def sets say they are from HD masters so I imagine they will release that way eventually.
I cancelled an order that was over a month old with nothing shipping and moved it all to Amazon, 2 titles already on the way.
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