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+1...I was really looking forward to participating in this thread but I finally realized I was being taken,luckily I got my money back though.
Good news for me,I got my money back after disputing the charge.I was told it probably wouldn't happen because it had been so long but I guess I got lucky.I hope everyone else has the same luck.
I agree,I just wish I had read about these cases BEFORE I gave them my money.
You know,when I read the blog on their website about their spring cleaning,selling stuff from the offices and in the warehouse it did give me a little bit of an unsettling feeling,especially after getting the run-around from them like I have.
I've had an order placed for three custom C12's since April.I've been very patient and spoke with Alex a few times,talked to him last week and was told my order would ship out the middle of this week.I called several times this morning and got no answer,I left a message but no one called me back.I finally got through to Brett and he put me on hold to check the status,then he came back and said he would call me back in 40 minutes.I haven't heard back from him or Alex,I'm...
They're great speakers,I bought a pair and liked them so much I ended up buying the matching towers and center.
I sure hope I don't have to wait that long.What is the woofer used in the standard c12?
I remember when I bought an A2-300 from them years ago there was a huge delay.Oh well,I'm not without surround sound while I wait so I'll be ok.I haven't heard much talk on the slant 6 surrounds,anyone using them?
Did they tell you it woiuld be that long when you ordered them? btw,forgot to mention I also upgraded to the de250
Thanks,I had seen your pics,just didn't realize you had the matte finish.I guess I didn't look at them very close but your pics are what made me decide to go with the towers.They look great.
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