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Thats pretty much it. But if you were using it as a remote, you would have it open at the remote app, which takes a lot of the work out. Also, some apps have the ability to force a device to stay awake, or at least keep the connection alive, so that when you unlock the device its ready to use straight away. Or you could disable the auto sleep when using it as a remote and manually lock it when u dont need it. Not a problem if using an iPod Touch as a dedicated remote with...
CommandFusion has had a remote app capable of controlling any TCP or UDP device for a while now - including the GlobalCache units. Checkout the video on their home page. The app name is CF iViewer
Another iPhone control option that is NOT vaporware is the CF iViewer app from CommandFusion. We've used it in a variety of Crestron systems and there is support for sending custom commands over TCP and UDP coming in the next release (which should be out in a week or so I believe). This will enable it to control hardware like GlobalCache, IRTrans, basically anything that sits on your network and has a documented protocol. I personally can't wait for the next version!...
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