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Tracking received for Dual XV15's. Thanks Tom!!!!!! Once I get set up I'll post impressions of a single xv vs Mfw And the difference of 2.
Just spoke with Tom V. on the phone after going though multiple Emails about suggestions for my room, Tom was great speaking with you and Look forward to placing my order on Thursday for (2) XV15's.... Going out on a limb here with the order, but have a feeling I won't regret it......(was going to order Dual Empires but with EPIK non Responsive....starting to have eD nightmares) I mentioned to him I was coming from a MFW-15, and he felt even with a single XV15 I'd see a...
Would rather keep these local as I don't have the boxes. Asking $250.
Mfw-15. Sold to JHSTL. Have fun running dual 15's!! X-mtm encores still available. Asking $250. Perfect condition.
Asking/Offering Price: $650 Email Address(optional): efishe@yahoo.com Zip Code: 66012 Pics: see below Name: Eric Item Description: Black 1 pair AV123 X-MTM Encore Speakers with Metal Grills & MFW-15 Subwoofer with Cloth Grill I have 1 pair of X-MTM Floorstanding speakers, Both speakers are in perfect condition, Changing home theater area to all inwalls in columns and dual Epik Empires, so need the extra cash to get the ball rolling. You will not find a better sounding or...
Bueller.......Bueller.....lol...guess I'm on my own for this one.
Guys going to be getting an Epsom 8350 soon and was going to look into updating things on the audio side as well. Wanted to hear thoughts on if I would see more benefits from pairing a xpa-5 with my existing pioneer 1016 or would upgrading to something like a Marantz sr7005 would be a better route. Hdmi1.4 a non issue as the 8350 does not do 3d. Speakers are 4- x-mtm's encores with an x-cs encore center with a single mfw-15. In a 20x13' room. Was curios if anyone...
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