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"For the walls I'd cover them with burlap and paint them; or do a burlap colored GOM over 703 on the bottom (to seated ear height) and rough hewn planks above." I have no idea what this means
are there cup holders in the wedge piece? and what is any other purpose to the wedge besides the obvious curvature?
lol, that sounds a litte suggestive well wood is definitely the theme. my last name is weber. maybe i could do some alliteration
well im not going to use a projector, i know this much. but thats about all i know for equipment. But yeah i want a log cabin type feel. being in utah and all. all wood everything, doors, blinds, wall plates, vent covers, walls and wood trimmed seating
Ok so this is going to be my HT room. Its pretty small. 15x12x6.5 It looks like this room was completely sound proof for the interior. But not for exterior. I want to redo all the walls that don't have wood and put the same type of wood on it. Id also like to remove the cork board, the extra entryway and the pellet stove and remove the part of chimney that comes into the room. I also plan on replacing the exterior door with one that has a more wooden look to it. ...
they dont advertise the price huh?
for theater seating? 3-4 chairs? maybe 2&a loveseat. Please advise
anyone know the best way to distribute coax? i would like it to be amplified and with about 20-30 connections...thanks rack mount is a plus.
what im looking for is a receiver capable of at least 5.1 but id like 6.1 or 7.1. It would need to have atlease 2 hdmi in and 1 out. and 2 component in and 1 out. 1 zone and all the basics. nothing really too fancy. im looking in the 200-400 range thanks guys
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