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Beautiful looking machine CNCRob! Paragon is a first class company. You are right, the popcorn tastes even better than the movie theater.
I asked Paragon directly, not to long ago, about making kettle corn in my Pargon Cineplex machine and they told me that I could do it but the kettle temperatures are a little different between the two types of popcorn. They also mentioned the kettle corn making the machine clean up a little more difficult after making it.Here's Gold Medal's take on making kettle corn.http://www.gmpopcorn.com/kettle-corn.cfm
I don't have any experience with the 8 oz. machines, but from what I've read, I don't think it takes THAT much longer to get the kettle to optimal popping temperature. I have the Paragon Cineplex 4 oz. popcorn machine and it produces 1200 watts (most of the Chinese made machines produce less than half). A comparable Paragon 8 oz. unit puts out 1420 watts. I think the biggest difference will be how much popcorn you need to make at one time. With just the wife & I, the 4...
I ordered my Paragon 4 oz. Cineplex Copper machine from Stargate Cinema a couple of years ago. They had the best pricing around (when I applied their discount code) and it shipped free. You'll love the Paragon machine. It's built like a tank and has a lifetime warranty for in home usage. Oh, it's built in Iowa...USA!
Looks great! Thanks for the review. Coconut oil has many, many health benefits. Just do a seach for "coconut oil health benefits" and you will see just how good it is for you.
Congrats! Paragon machines are built like tanks. Let's see some pics when it gets there!
What color did you decide on? That's the unit I bought (copper finish) and I love mine. It's built like a tank and I'm guessing it'll last forever. Can't wait to see your review and be sure to post some pics!
That is correct. The 4 oz. 1911 does not have the warming deck or the old maid's tray.
Or you can private message them on their Facebook page.
No problem. Good luck in your search. Not sure how many of those dealers actually sell popcorn machines, but hopefully you find someone. Let us know how it works out!
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