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you will need to strip the megafileupload from the file name to get the 200 to recognize the file. So Far So good. I still need to try ice age three to see if it works yet. IT WORKS except for the bd live piece but at least now the kids can watch the film.
Thanks buddy. Never a need to apologize for Happy Hour
No update for me either. SSM could you post the update for download. Thanks.
Both Snow White and UP work for me. A one time config change and done. Awsome christmas gift.
Now time to Rally the 3D firmware upgrade.
Thanks. The target deal works great. Now to keep my three year old from this one
The sd card is to fit perpendicular with the black end, not to be inserted in the usb end.
Awsome. SSM Thanks for putting up with the group for this long re 2.0. Bolt works great and we are on the Disney bd live network. Thanks for the best HD-DVD and Blu Ray player built to date
SSM, Any chance of getting this a few days early considering it is in beta abd productional this Friday. It would be fun to play around with over the next few days. Thanks for all your support over this long journey.
This is what i have in place now. It works great providing your unit is in a cabinet.
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