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Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different response shows you are insane. Although I'm still with Dish, I feel this site is very helpful and will continue to see if the problems with FIOS are resolved. At that time I will make the switch. I have a reason to be here. You seem to have more time than you know what to do with. Maybe you should go back to spending more time in the Britney Spears chat room. They miss your wit.
Thanks for the help. I will most likely make the switch to FIOS and get the Tivo series 3 model. I've had DISH for about 9 years, so I had just gotten used to it. Since I recently lost my East coast feed (my distant channels) which I had gotten with the waivers, I don't really feel like staying with DISH if I can get a better picture elsewhere. I have a new JVC 57", but when watching anything but HD, it looks very bad. Very chopped up quality. I'm hoping the...
This might have gotten lost in the shuffle. I'll give it another try. Should I make the switch from Dish to Fios? Is it worth the trouble?
If you've switched from Dish to Fios or another provider to Fios, do you regret it? What are the best of what you miss or what you've gained. I'm considering making the move from Dish to Fios but from what I've read about Fios so far, their DVR's don't compare well to the ones supplied by Dish. I understand the picture should be better with Fios, but at what costs?
New Posts  All Forums: