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my aging 808 just got the "no audio via HDMI" bug. Really weighing time and trouble to get this fixed vs just dropping $400-500 on a 4K ready, 7.2channel comparable...thoughts? I like the Sirius integration, I use it quite a bit when hosting card/board game friends. I like the audyssey automatic sound tuning. I have game consoles on HDMI, a server RAID array HTPC on HDMI, and having more HDMI would be nice, but only 5 required. I NEED 7.2 native since I currently have...
FYI on the 6570: installed in my 4U HTPC server/front end, installed the HDMI driver from Safe Mode (my solution, works), XBMC working fine I got the MSI variant for price and dual fans, hoping it was quiet: pretty good so far, not a noticable "whine" yet, so I will report of if I hear and fan RPM issues. Then comes some 3D testing: should be roughly double the performance of my 4550 in games and S3D.
my main gaming rig has a 480GTX on iZ3D, so I'm not going to put that kind of horsepower into my HTPC. Really just want the 6XXX for HDMI 1.4 spec to my reciever, and a bit better for gaming than my 4550 when I choose to use my bigscreen.
getting ready to make the jump with my HTPC to 3D support: Display: Panny VT25 - works great with my PS3 on BDs. X48 HTPC with E6700 and 4Gigs DDR3 (1.9V variant before i7s). current GPU is an ATI 4550HD (at the time I preferred ATIs screen scaling) and it had onboard HDMI audio (rather than the SPDIF stuff Nvidia was doing at the time). What is the best $ GPU with at least as much gaming power as the 4550 and supporting the 3D spec necessary for DXVA...
I received the Shrek's today and shipped off the Avatar to you. Excellent condition, nice transaction, and I hope to do another swap at some point. (crossing fingers) Only thing left is for mine to show up at your end.
I got first Avatar sending in from my TV purchase, and second one with purchase of bundled glasses. So I have an unopened Avatar 3D extra; photos and whatever proof needed. EDIT: HTTYD 3D OR Megamind 3D wanted...
to show off to some friends I hit the Volume on my 808 up to the "Reference" at 82...if you haven't gone that high yet, give it a shot. The scale between 78>82 seemed VERY pronounced! Kind of like "everybody will want it to sound loud, sweet, powerful, and dramatic Right HERE!"
Well...when I hit Add to cart two days ago, it showed as $849. Local guys, matched that, and I have bought from them before.
got mine set up pretty quickly, some features are a bit buried compared to my old 705. Even got Pandora and Sirius set up, I just need to figure out why it can see my Gaming PC's share, but not my HTPC share folder. They are both on a custom workgroup with no password. Switches 3D nicely between PS3 BluRays and Games (fat), and Comcast 3D. More tests and setting, but pretty happy so far. I just wish I had made the jump back when people were finding it for $700...
just about to pull the trigger on upgrading my 705 to an 808 to gain 3D and more power. I have the room shown below (click for fullsize): So I've got 7.1 hooked up, but there is little encoded in 7.1 yet. Would it be better to take my RC-Minis down and use them for Height? Or should I move the RC-Minis to the sides and use RC-10s for Height?
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