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Great review! This and Gravity were two standouts in 2013.
My beloved 1st gen ML Dynamo won't power on anymore. Don't know if it's related or just coincidence, but I was away for 2 weeks, unit was powered off and unplugged all that time. Temperature during that time was "normal" in the room, though sub is placed about 3ft way from large window. It simply won't power anymore after that. Tried different power cord, outlet, checked fuse (seems to be good)- nothing. What are my options? Pretty sure warranty has expired(ML was...
Is there any way to "create" button/command on remote app for iDevices so that Dyn. volume can quickly be turned on/off?
Heads up: open box "very good" 4520ci on amazon warehouse is more than 50% off MSRP! I had good experience with open box receiver purchases from them (plus their 30 day returns with free shipping both ways). Would get one myself for that price for sure but i just bought 3313ci a month ago plus this beast won't even fit in my cabinet
Thanks! I wouldn't describe their prices as closeouts, but that's ok.
Now that new Silvers are in, any good deals on old ones?
What I'm trying to say is that you replied to my post while clearly having something else on your mind.At this point i have no concerns about zones 2 or 3.I only had 2 questions after installing 3313ci a few days ago:1. About somewhat boomy sub output after applying audyssey and carefully following instructions2. About accessing foobar2000 player via airplay. I found solution to this, even better one-playback via UPnP which doesn't have 16/44.1 limitations that airplay does.
Finally installed 3313ci over my old trusted 3310ci this week. Well it's quite an upgrade so far. Switching from multi EQ to XT was clear improvement even with my modest speakers. I especially like separate setting for 2ch listening. I can't believe that they butchered remote and display (like no dedicated dynamic volume buttons etc.) but I knew that before thanks to batpig and many other's posts on this thread. I'm seriously considering buying old remote from 3310 and...
New Posts  All Forums: