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Fixed! Just follow the instructions in post #1045 to hard set the gateway router date and NOT let automating updating update the date to Sept. 2012!Many thanks!
Yes, yes, o yes! This did it! Many thanks.I had actually just given up hope but decided to revisit this thread. I must have my subscriptions all messed up because I didn't see your post to now!Works like a charm!Many, many thanks!enrite
I thought that, but then I can't connect via wireless either...still get to the Internet/XBOX Live but not WMC. I might try a full reinstall of Windows 7. If it still doesn't work then it is something to do with the XBOXs
Thanks - I did roll back to mid-August when everything worked which leads me to believe the XBOX was updated.
So I reconfigured the moca bridges but no go. Also tried wifi but no go. XBOXs only work if ethernet'ed directly to main gateway router. Something had to have changed with either Windows 7or the XBOXs but I can't find it. W-E-I-R-D. Sigh. Now need to compare the cost of wiring ethernet cable versus an extra $40/month for FiOS STBs.
Add a third person to having this issue. After spending a week trying to crack it myself and on the phone with WMC support for one hour (very helpful, BTW) I am certain the problem is the moca bridges. I can connect through ethernet when I plug my XBOX into the main gateway router that my HTPC is connected to. In the Windows 7 event log it lists the Media Center error as UPnP timing out so I hope some Windows 7 update hasn't changed how UPnP and MoCa work. Sigh.Has...
Oops...should have said that I can connect when I use ethernet through the same router as the HTPC is connected to via ethernet.
Darn it...thanks for the help...I need to adjust my subscription settings because I didn't get alerts! After working with WMC support I am very certain the problem are the moca bridges. Plus, I went back to the thread that showed me how to setup Actiontec routers as moca bridges and others are having the same issue I am having: See post #1027 on this page: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1145636/actiontec-mi424wr-a-cheap-moca-bridge-for-all/1020 I will reconfigure the...
First off, I apologize if this has been answered somewhere here. I tried searching but couldn't find an answer. FiOS MoCa network with an HTPC and two XBOX's as media extenders As a media setup, everything worked fine until two weeks ago. Then the HTPC and XBOXs could not find each other...and still can't. HTPC can still record, play, etc. XBOX can connect to the Internet including XBOX Live. Since everything can see the Internet, my guess is that it is some setting...
Thanks, all for the responses and recommendation to keep splitters. I'll just terminate the access points I am not using and buy new splitters since the ones in place look fairly old/worn. Ian
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