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Thanks Batpig......always helpful as usual...!!Thank you also Afrogt....just like Batpig you're always posting useful advice..!!Another thank you to Hernanu, ...you guys rock...!!!
Could anyone recommend a set of speaker stands for use with my RC-10's which weigh 27lbs each..? If I can avoid it I'd rather not use wall mounts for these but then again they seem giant size for stands, actually they seem giant size for surrounds but, they sure will sound good with RC-70's for L&R's and RCLCR for center. Oh, and the Klipsch RW-12d...!!! I'm finally getting back to "normal" after Sandy and actually watched my first Blu-Ray on this system without the...
Wow....four years...?I hope that you've gotten SOME use out of them and that they haven't been sitting there in boxes since they were new...!!!
Well, the Denon was submerged along with the RC-10'sand RC-LCR and to my great surprise after drying out and getting hooked up for a trial all were operational.I might only get 5 minutes or 5 years of use out of these.I don't need to hook up the new RC-70's right away as I'm sure that these will be fine.
Just ordered one for $279.99....!!!! Very nice, !!! So my setup will consist of: This sub....!!!! RC-70's R & L Front RC-LCR Center RC-10's Rear Surrounds Denon 2313 AVR Everything will sit in boxes until all re-construction is finished. Unfortunately probably not until April or so, but at least I'll be ready to go..!!!
I am one VERY happy camper...!! Thursday eve I arrived home from work to find my RC-10's in their boxes. I took a few pictures of them just in case I had to make a claim for any damage. As you can see there are a few rips and tears, a hole or two here and there increased my anxiety even further. After un-boxing the first one I was absolutely floored with the fit and finish of the speaker. Standing before me was a TOTALLY perfect shiny, piece of magic. Not a dent,...
Someone is selling a Denon in the for sale thread. That might work for one of you.
Frys website now states that the RC-70's are now only available for in-store pick up. My order status says shipped.....I'm glad that I got in on this when I did......!!!!!!
I'm from the south shore of Long Island actually. I'll fill you in when they get delivered. I hope that we all get pristine equipment.
It looks like I'll have to edit my signature as I'm no longer trying to find a set of RC 6-W's. I had wanted them because of how they would have matched my set-up of RC-10's fronts and RC-LCR center. Instead I saw the post on SD on jumped on a set of the RC-70's from Fry's. WOO HOO....I'm a happy camper now (as long as they arrive in good condition)...!! My new set-up will now be the 70's for R & L fronts with a RC-LCR center and I'll use the RC 10's for my rears in a 5-1...
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