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Any update on the software upgrade. I have been running the HDQ for almost a year with a RS1 and still unable to do 1080p24. Made several attempts at repeating the firmware upgrades and still can't get rid of the green lines that develop in the lower 1/3 of the projected image.
Any idea when Cary will release the Cinema 11v?
My 301 has locked up several times (approx 1 out of every 3) during normal playback. The only way out has been power off and restart the movie and then select the scene I was at. Have not installed the firmware upgrade Sony sent. Was a stop gap player until something good was built at a reasonable price.
Mine are the standard black finish as they are behind the screen and in a dark room so I wanted them to be unseen. Made my own stands.
The actuator is rated at 400 lbs and is very stable based on the actuator mount. The sled carrier surrounds the metal frame that encloses the ball screw so there is no failure that could cause the lens to fall off the actuator. The only issue is the fact the carrier is plastic however, its size and the limited amount of cycles that this application requires , should not have a wear issue. The mount for the actuator is made from 1.5 and 2.0 inch schedule 40 pipe and is...
I'm running the following: Triad In Room Gold LCR Triad In Room Gold Center Triad On Wall Gold Surrounds Triad In Room Gold Omni's Triad In Room Gold Sub w/500 Watt Traid Rack Amp Parasound A51 Parasound A23 Purchased based on what I read and recommendations from others and did not take time to demo. Unlikely I could have found the above setup anywhere to demo anyway. I am totally satisfied and amazed at the sound quality both for music and movies. The...
Just got the following up and running. RS1 ISCO III w/DYI Slide Lumagen HDQ Sony Blu-ray BDP S 301 Screen Research Theater Curve Screen (115" wide) Great projector and lens.
Thats the one I used. The only negative so far is the slide material is made from plastic so its hard to know if it will wear OK. So far it is working well. This was my first stab at a slide and the goal was to build a powered slide as cost effectively as possible. Kind of ridiculous I guess considering the cost of the ISCO III. But if it works then I saved money to buy a Cary Cinema Video Processor to go with my Cinema 11. The mount for the actuator provides...
Made a slide using an electric actuator from E-Motion http://www.e-motionllc.com/Default.asp Working OK so far . Has a pendant control right now and will put a remote on it in the future if it is reliable.
There are many ways a seller can circumvent this to discount a product and there will still be plenty of competition. 1) Offer a secondary product at a discount or free. 2) Free Install 3) Floor/Demo Model 4) Extended Warranty As long as the receipt is at MSRP what can they do. That's the good part about Capitalism. We get to decide the best way to get the best deal abd there are always be sellers that will find a way to beat a government mandated system.
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