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[quote=Paul Scarpelli] Although you've positioned your LCRs correctly for a standard screen, the only change I would have considered is an acoustically transparent screen. That way, you can have all three fronts at the same height, and the center aligned vertically. The difference will not be subtle, although your proposed setup will work well. Paul, By your comment am I correct to assune the L/R front tweeter height should match the center tweeter height vertically....
Chris I have a 126" Screen Research Theater Curve arriving next week with the JVC RS-1 to deliver in May most likely. My room is 14' wide and 19' long. I am installing my screen at approximately 36 inches from the floor. I have 2 rows off seats, first at floor level 10' viewing distance and second on a 10" riser at 16' viewing distance. For the back row of seats to have a good clear view over the front row the 36" height worked really well. When you set in the...
It will be interesting to read Kal's review on the Cary Cinema 11 with all the outstanding issues on this thread.
Paul, Thanks for the quick answer. I will get it sorted out Monday. Chuck
Paul, I finally opened the On Wall Gold Surrounds and they do not look anything like the information on the Triad web site. Did you change the design? Pictures posted. Chuck
I want my RS1 as well but prefer they deliver a quality product first. Last projector I want is the one they needed to get delivered to acheive their sales quota by the end of the quarter. Since I am not an expert at this the better the projecter is built and calibrated before I get it is the one I want even if it takes another 30 days.
GCD Thanks for the update. It is appreciated. Chuck
The new babies might even arrive tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed. Chuck
The real question is does she do installs at the house.
I am going to PM GCD@CAD and see what his relationship is with Cary Audo. Maybe he is on the production side in HK.
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