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Maybe GCD@CAD can reply to the issue of the popping sound when going from an inactive input to digital input. I know I would like to have an answer to this question prior to getting mu C11 up and running. Cary should let us know how to remedy this issue.
My Triad Gold system is on the way. Should have early next week. Just wish I had the amps but that will be another week out. Can't wait to get them fired up.
The Cinema 11 is here. Packaging very good and well protected in a double box. Opened it up and all looks well excluding one minor cosmetic issue that I will look at when I get more time. The case extends out past the face by about 1/16th of an inch on the left hand side. Right side is flush. Photo is a little blurry but it is still visible. Will see if we can adjust during installation.
Progress! My Cinema 11 arrived today. Now if I had the speakers and amps I could fire it up.
I thought of doing the same. I will be using the Triad Gold In Room L/C/R and On Wall Surrounds with the Gold Omni Rears for HT and audio. Should have them in in the next couple of weeks. L/C/R are behind the screen. I did look at Genelec but WOW the cost was pretty high. Wanted an active system but ran out of funds. Rest of my line up will be: Cary Cinema 11 Processor Parasound A51/A23 Amps. (Probably will regret not getting the A21 but it was for rears...
Bob, If I am installing 2 new 20 Amp circuits to my HT would this be a good solution. See attached Data Sheet. Chuck  
Kal, Thanks. Just the kind of information I am looking for. Chuck
Rich, I'll send you a picture. Now all I need are the Amps and Speakers. Chuck
I checked my voltage several times with a standard voltmenter for extened periods and it runs anywhere from 123 to 125 volts under no load. As for line noise and other issues I have no way to know. I assume there is equipment available to check for line noise. In a similar situation. To get surge protection, regulated voltage and filtering on a whole system you are looking well over $1,000 and most likely over $2,000 based on the products I have researched. Right...
Paul, I will need to custom make or use adjustable stands depending on the install height of my screen. On another isssue. Can I install the Gold Sub on it's side. The height below my screen to the stage is only a little over 18 inches and I need room to put some sound dampner underneath it. Chuck
New Posts  All Forums: