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Looking at the Parasound as well and leaning towards the New Classic line. It is of a later design than the Halo. Halo does look better. Although the C1/C2 offer the XLR connections I like they really add no benefit unless the amp will be located a long way from the processor. New Classic does not have an AM/FM Tuner as well but I would not use it anyway. The New Classic has a blankout plate for some future upgrade feature (could it be HDMI) and the dealer I am working...
Will the RS1 with an ISCO III lens work on a Screen Research Theater Curve 2.35 Clear Pix2, 119.5 diagonal screen with a throw distance of 19 to 20 feet? I can shelf mount it at 19' (preferred) or will I have to ceiling mount it?
Planning on the RS1 in my HT and wonder if it is bright enough to make the following work or do I need to move the projector closer to the screen. Equipment: RS1 Screen Research CP2 120" dia., 2.35:1 Curved Room: Totally light controlled 14W X 20L X 11H PJ mounted at 8' on rear wall on shelf (throw distance 18 to 19' approx) First row of seats 10' viewing distance Rear Row of seats at 16' viewing distance ____________ Chuck
If you go to the RBH thread you will see that everyone that owns them is happy with the product. Hard to find a delaer but you can call Brian at RBH and he can give you a name of a delaer in you area. I am getting ready to purchase a set from a local dealer and he is willing to discout of retail by 10 to 15% depending on what other equipment I purchase from him. The other local dealer I talked with was MSRP only and he really tried to move me into another more...
Talked with Brian at RBH and he gave me a couple of local dealers in Texas. Is there a reason to order the SE/R over the standard SE speakers? Looking at a set in basic black veneer. 3 661SE/R's, 2 66SE/R Surrounds and 2 61SE/R Rears. Is the upgrade worth the added cost? ____________ Chuck
K Have a good time at the BF. My favorite music. I have to admit this is one of the best threads on the forum. From what I read RBH has a good product line as no one has had any negative comments. My biggest decision now is whether I use the 1266SE's or 661SE's. Should I use SVS Subs or use something from RBH? Anyone using SVS Subs with their setups. __________________ Chuck
Paul 2 In Room Gold L&R 1 In Room Gold Center 2 In Room Gold Surrounds 2 In Wall Silver Subs What do you recommend for the rears in a 7.2 System? Can the speakers be bi-amped? Please pm me with the pricing. _____________ Chuck
Please pm me with the name of the dealer you purchased through and I will give them a call. Thanks __________ Chuck
Looked at their website and not a lot of details other than basic specifications. I contacted RBH for a dealer in the Dallas area and was routed to an installer that had access to the MC line but was not authorized to purchase the Signature series. Its been several weeks since he was going to get me a quote on the MC series and never heard from him again. Makes it hard to consider purchasing when you have a hard time getting a quote. _________________ Chuck
Are all of the RBH MC and Signature series biampable? __________ Chuck
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