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Actually that was the plan, but once the kids came my wife made me come out and get some fresh air.Anyone else mind chiming in? Maybe some guys in the 2-story camp why you went that way? Anything is greatly appreciated!
This isn't exactly the right forum to ask this question but you guys are just like me (dedicated theater) so I figured who better to ask! My wife and I are raising two young children in a cramped 1400 ft2 ranch house. 1400 ft2 isn't that small for four people but it's hard to get away in a house of this size, especially with the crappy 30% basement 70% crawl space, and I'd like more room for a gym, workshop etc. In the basement I added a playroom for the kids and my...
Mfusick, those pictures actually made me a little watery-eyed. Unless my wife was cutting onions and I didn't see her! It's amazing how your feelings change once you have little ones of your own. Five years ago I would have just scrolled right past those pictures Congrats!
Very ambitious build! Where are you located, if you don't mind me asking? Maybe someone near you can help you dial these guys in with some measurement gear. I know I would if I was close to you.
I purchased three brand new Buttkicker Minis off Amazon to install on my new Fusion Lagoons. I installed one for testing for a few minutes and am deciding to not use tactile transducers. I have six subwoofers, two of which are right next to my chairs, and I really don't need the extra ooomph these provide. I did open the second box but never installed it or the other one, which is sealed. The one I installed only saw a few minutes of use. It looks brand new. I am asking...
I posted the following on an Apple board and got ZERO hits so I figured I'd try my luck here with my true friends In a nutshell, I'd like to hook up a few cheap iPod touches into my 12-channel amp in the basement, that's wired into my whole house audio system, and control the iPod touches from around my house using my iPhone and iPad. I'd like to name each device "Kitchen" "Master Bath" etc for ease, and so each room could listen to something different. Now, I'm not...
Do tell!
Me thinks you need to be more concerned with your speaker placement in your rendering.
Sure, I can help. I'm staying up in Alpharetta so as long as you're not an hour south I'd be down to help you out. Shoot me a PM with your number and a good time to call. Now...if someone else chimes in not needing help carrying sand.....
I'm in town this week for work and have nothing to do afterwards and would love to visit a theater in the surrounding Atlanta area. I get a very nice food allowance from my company and would be more than happy to bring food, beer, whatever. Shoot me a PM if you're up for a visit and leave a phone number, if you don't mind. Thanks for any consideration!
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