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It actually did for me with my old Sony 40" XBR CRT. The picture was much crisper and better resolved after using a power conditioner. I think the power supply in the Sony wasn't capable of dealing with the power conditions and using the conidtioner helped the CRT focus the beams more consistently. Of course this was in a really old apartment that actually had cloth wrapped wires in the walls. I seemed to have a lot of RF noise in the line and often lived in a permanent...
Anyone else find this statement ironic?
I rarely venture there, and generally only do when someone links to it. Watching a very few people monologue there isn't all that entertaining. There are definitely a few crumbs of useful information eventually diseminated there, but they are often embedded in a message which isn't necessarily useful.
The thread was restarted recently and is not that many pages long. If you browse through it, you will quickly see who is dominating it. Also unfairly, no one is allowed to directly contest any information provided by an insider. It's basically a pulpit from which the insiders can speak uncontested. Unless as someone else said, you choose turn into Yoda and word everything as a question.
Ah, but Mark specifinally said:If they specifically allow those with an agenda to post here, how can the normal members be expected respect the rule? Either it's allowed or it's not.
I rarely post here and actually forgot my old login over the yuears, but lurk here daily (only have this log on because I needed a file recently). As the saying goes "**** rolls down hill". AVS allows known paid partisans to post here. If you really want to start to calm this down, you should start by asking those that you know for certain have a vested interest in the format war to stop posting here. Amir, Ben and Paidgeek would obviously be the first place to start....
Was Microsoft responsible for QA approval for the Animatrix on the Marketplace, because you should really take a look at the free Animatrix you guys are giving away with the purchase of the Complete Matrix. It looks like a complete mess. It has macroblocking, posterization, mosquito noise, an insane amount of aliasing, massive amounts of edge enhancement and just plain bluriness. I suspect that you guys at Microsoft didn't handle this yourself, but it really doesn't make...
New Posts  All Forums: