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TRAID RC1 is released has anyone tried it out yet?
I did look at the wiki last night. Just a few of the basic guides there. I have 8.8 TB of movies spread around 4 drives so far. Four drives are connected to MB are filled with movies. I added 3 hard drive and the controller to test the free trial out to see if flexraid is right for me. I stopped after I could not see smart values on the 3 drives. Then updated the drivers using 2013 lsi 9211 driver. Still no smart values. My guess is because the drive shows up as SCSI it...
I just got a m1015 flashed to IT mode. I noticed there is no smart data to the drives connected to it. Is this normal? And I would like to try out flexraid but not sure what's better to start with. Expert vs cruise control.? 8 3tb hard drives Seagate on the m1015 to start. The os will be w7 or w8. Will there be a quick guide for that? Thanks
I can step up the the LCRs. I just chose those as they had an nice entry level price just to get my feet wet. I would not go over 300$ each speaker. I see some are more sensitive than others. So what's the differnce between the Pure and Max 10? How much power would I need to power them? Denon 1913 feed them. Will that be sufficient to use?
I am trying it out now and it just feels like watching a movie in 3d. Just to make sure everything is set right what filters are you running in mpc hc? And what setting for those? If that makes sense.
How would the Karma 8 as LCR and two OS MTM as my mains and surround sound compared to my M 70's and cs 2? About 650$ for the set leaves me more on subwoofers and amp ect. Am I missing anything?
Room size is W 11 1/2'* H 8', * L 19.3' and screen size is 110"" fixed frame. This will be 50/50 music and movies. Not interested in reference volumes but great output at low or high volume levels. Speaker size well not sure I have any restriction other than no f 20 sub.
I'm ready to start a new HT room and I have no idea what speakers and subs to buy. I have a pair of polk m 70, cs 2, with a pa 150. With all of new DIY options I feel like there is a much better way of getting a real bang for my Buck. So after talking it over with the lady she agreed that as long as it's the last set of speakers I need. So 150-200 each for LCR, 100 each for surrounds, for sub duty one or two 18's 400-1100? Prices are just for the speakers. I have not...
What Do able screen options do I have in the kc,mo area. I'm not sure what to look for something a 4x8 or anything cheap but not sure where to go. I did check a few HD with no luck from them. Maybe someone can point me in the right place.
I am new to this and looking for some advice on what color grey shade do you guys use. I looked around, just never found an answer but dark grey. My room is small, 10'w x 12'w x 8'h and will function as an semi bedroom ht. I choose grey because I thought that would look best over a Mickey mouse ear black. I read black gets to be a pain when dust starts to build up. I can do another color other than dark grey. I am open to any suggestions. The color of my walls is an flat...
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