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No, the regular SE is NOT a flipper. There is so much misinformation about this title because people are panicking and spreading their wrong assumptions before making sure they actually understand what is going on. Here are the three versions of Red: movie-only Blu-ray - lossy DD 5.1 audio, and NOT a flipper general retail "Special Edition" - lossless audio, and NOT a flipper Best Buy exclusive "Special Edition" - lossless audio, and it IS a flipper
The $13 movie-only version of Red has lossy DD 5.1 audio. The "Special Edition" version of Red (sold at all retailers except Best Buy) has lossless audio, and is not a flipper. The Best Buy exclusive version of the Red "Special Edition" has lossless audio and IS a flipper.
Amazon is price-matching a competitor, not unloading "bad stock"... There has been no information that the issue has been identified, no information that new stock is incoming, etc. Everything in your post is a complete fabrication, based more on your imagination than any fact. All of the stock is not defective, as evidenced by the numerous people chiming in saying their copies worked perfectly. There appear to be some bad copies mixed in with the whole (or just some...
It now matches the specs of seasons 2+. I.e. lossless audio, and ability to remove the framing boarder if you want just the 4:3 image. They also say the visual quality has been improved due to new upscaling methods, but I honestly don't know how much stock to put into that.
I purchased the Season 1 Blu-ray set on September 16th (two days after the release) from Amazon, so I surely have a first pressing. I hadn't opened it yet (busy with work, other releases to watch, etc.), but reading this thread spurred me to test my copy today. Both discs 1 and 4 load fine on my PS3 (60GB with latest firmware), and load fine in my BD-ROM drive. I haven't played all the episodes on the discs, but I tried the most problematic - The Big Tall Wish - it...
Well the UK discs are the same as the US discs, so if one set doesn't work the other won't as well. So I can't see returning for that reason being a problem, unless you'd rather just resign yourself to never owning the set instead of changing players if there ended up being any issues.
Quote: Originally Posted by Josh Z Pausing the disc and complaining that frame 14,762 allegedly looks "smoothed over" compared to frames 14,761 or 14,763, all of which look 0.0001% darker than an obscure Japanese HD broadcast that aired one time only in 2003... That's blowing something out of proportion. Pointing out that the entire visual look of the film from start to finish has been tinted an ugly shade of teal in Every. Single. Scene... That's a...
So what you're saying is, this minor issue is important to you and you feel fine blowing it out of proportion? As opposed to other threads where other people are blowing things out of proportion and you pull out the whole "This is why no one takes AVS seriously, because everyone is foaming at the mouth about small issues" tact?
Criterion shines when it comes to tracking down resources that other studios don't care to do. In this case, what needs to be done? Sony has the film in perfect 2k or 4k or whatever format, and are no slouches when it comes it encoding and authoring - Criterion certainly isn't needed on that front. And it appears Sony has commissioned 3 commentaries and a handful of interviews / featurettes and documentaries. What more do you want that would be within the confines of...
A film that will undoubtedly receive the 5-star treatment from Sony is in no need of Criterion's attention.
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