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Maybe we'll get something by the time Avatar 2 comes out ?
How wude!
Based on the latest news about him, maybe not
But the last few posts including your gif have been a very funny read!
for a grand total of...13 critics... For me this one is critic-proof anyway, I'm seeing it.
According to imdb, it was 35mm yes.
Voiceovers are one of Scorsese's trademarks, and he's one of the rare directors to know how to make it work. Besides, this movie doesn't require any suspension of disbelief, since about 95% of it actually happened. The use of voiceovers in The Wolf Of Wall Street imo reinforced a few of the character's traits, mostly his pretentiousness and his "I know it's wrong but I don't care" attitude.
wow! ...but that rack on the right kinda picked my interest as well!
Thanks! fwiw, the images were first taken from the movie, as the promotional shots mostly focused on Chris Hemsworth's character. However the film is at least as much about Lauda, if not more, as it is about Hunt. And I liked this idea of seeing just the eyes behind the helmet. ...Then I changed the background elements to get an homogeneous look and take out the specifics of the scenes they were from, if that makes sense I was also aiming for the the same color tones as...
Exactly, and I would add that if Thor 2 was so successful, that's in large part because of him - people love this character and how he's portrayed, perfectly, by Tom Hiddleston. Thor 2's ending already suggested that we're not quite done with him yet.
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