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No, it has no light on at all after the "Power On" flashes by.
Looking for some advice. my father-in-law gave me his 1020 that just stopped working last week and he went out and bought a new receiver. When I plug it in and press the power button "Power On" briefly flashes on the display as you hear the click of it turning on. Then nothing. Nothing happens unless I unplug it then I hear the click of it shutting off/losing power. I have no speakers or anything connected to it. Is it junk and I should just pitch it or does it sound like...
not to hijack his thread but I am also wondering how to set custom display settings for ati. In the Powerstrip for Sony setup thread it says for linux set: Linux modeline parameters: "1224x688" 79.393 1224 1328 1456 1664 688 733 738 796 -hsync +vsync how do I do this? I am assuming I need to use aticonfig just don't know how.
Ah, see I purchased through ZipZoomFly who said that I had to RMA it directly with Gigabyte. I doubt they will let me change models.
I have to send in my fried board today. How did you get them to give you the other board?
Can someone tell me which number on the board is the serial number? I have tried two different numbers for an RMA and both times it got rejected as invalid after a day or so.
Doing some searching and I have found multiple forums reporting the same problem with this board failing like this. I hope this doesn't become widespread since I have recommended it to a few people and have 3 of these myself.
So I leave my HTPC on all the time. I came home yesterday and tried to switch over to it and nothing came up on the screen. I powered off the PC gave it 5 seconds and then powered it back on. Nothing, the cdrom lit for a second but the hard drive light never came on, nothing on the screen. I wonder if the Northbridge on my rev. 1 board cooked itself? I had good airflow in my Antec 2480 and the CPU temps were always fine. how long is gigabytes warranty and do I have any...
I am using this board to replace a failed board. Would the onboard video on this be better than my year and half old ATI 1900GT that has 256MB? Having a hard time finding a good comparison to benchmark.
i have used some directions from the forums to get one to one pixel mapping for my Sony A10 series tv working in windows and it works great. Are there similar directions for linux or do I have to just play hack at a config file to get it right? Thanks.
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