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It will be difficult since the projector is ceiling mounted. The home cable has no issues with cables and with the pc if I use Intel hd video adapter. I'll give it a try.
Yes I do. In fact when I vnc into the pc I can go into device manager and disable the AMD 6670 and I will get an 800x600 video that outputs to the projector. It's like something in the mix doesn't want to play well with others.
This is the weirdest thing. I unhook my amd hd 6670 and my i3 clardale intel hd works just fine, but when I put my amd hd 6670 into my computer I get no signal. I am running my PC to a Denon AVR to a projector with a 50 ft hdmi cable. The AMD 6670 will work just fine on a 1080p 23 inch monitor, but i get no signal at all on my projector. I go into info on my projector and it shows a crazy resolution that the PC is not set on. I vnc into the pc and make sure it's 1080p60...
I'm curious if anyone has frankensteined any of the chairs together lol. My front row is 3 tributes but I'm curious if I could get away with a lagoon on the end since I have the room.
Yeah after it does this when you switch to another source where it says HDMI 2 looks the same. I wonder if it is some kind of overheating issue? Yesterday I had it on for 2-3 hours and it never messed up.
Would you guys say this is a convergence issue? Powering off the projector and powering it back on will fix it, but then after a while it go right back and start doing it again. I have tried it with different sources/hdmi cables. This is a JVC DLA-RS45U. Is there anything that can be done besides sending it in ?
So i have a new setup in my house with all of the following devices. Denon 1912, redmere 50 ft hdmi cable, and a HTPC with an ATI 6670. I have the denon displaying onto a JVC rs45 mounted on my ceiling. Today I just got the setup completed. I have been previously using the HTPC, denon, and a Samsung tv with no issues. I just got the setup installed today and there is no video from the HTPC.I can get cable just find from my cable box -> denon -> projector, but somethings...
For my home theater I am wanting to obviously go as big as possible. However I would like to host watch parties for sporting events at my place. The room is 22 1/2 X 13 X 8. I'm thinking for 90% of the time a 133"ish screen would be perfect. I could easily fit in two rows of seating, but for the watch parties I would like to be able to throw some bar stools at the back of the room to add another 4-5 people. I would have to scoot the 1st and 2nd rows in closer to the screen...
The most important things to me are 2D movies, television and sports. I would also like to play video games with an acceptable response time. I plan on spending between 2k -2.5k. I was looking at the Mitsubishi hc5. I really like all the great things I hear about JVC, but the response time on them has me worried. In all honesty I'm not THAT hardcore of a gamer, but I would like the flexibility.
I'm looking at buying a house with a bonus room upstairs. This room is around 23' x 15'. On one end of the ideal place for the screen has 3 windows back behind it. The other end has a mini bar that could potentially place the screen off center. The thermostat and air vent is also on this back wall. What kind of options do I have for a 120-135" screen over the windows? I was initally looking at a fixed screen because the other houses I was looking at didn't have windows in...
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