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I just built a brand new HTPC last night and put windows 7 32 bit on it for one major reason. The main reason I went with 32 bit was for FireSTB. Do you guys know of any better alternatives for a HTPC? I have a Hauppauge HD PVR and want to be able to use it to it's full potential. How much better is firewire than the IR blasters at this? I've heard of quite a few problems with using IR blasters with this that produces recordings of only sound.
I'm trying the DIY center speaker shelf on it. So I would probably need 40mm ones I guess
Does anyone know the size of the bolt for wall mounting on the 65 inch s1?
Yeah, I was looking on the site and they only had 1 left, and so I asked her to order them for me, and the regretted it after calling TSC and them saying they aren't going to ever get any more TST2 or TST3s in stock. I had to call her to cancel it.
I called them today and asked them about possibly getting anymore TST2 or 3s and they said they won't be. Definitely going out of business.
LOL. I told girlfriend to order them. Fortunately she hadn't ordered them yet.
Fortuneately I hadn't ordered the tc2 yet, I think I'm going to go with the infinity primus fronts and speaker
Will all these speakers go good with the tc2 center channel I got from tsc? I'm a newb when it comes to audio. I'm inheriting a pioneer vsx 818 from my dad and plan on setting up a 3.1 setup for my apartment.
I called tsc. They said they wont be getting any more.
I just ordered the TC2 from the speaker company, but it appears I missed the train on the tst2 or tst3. What are a good pair of ground speakers in my price range. Tsc still have stock of the tst1, but I'm wondering since I have another couple of hundred dollars to spend if I should maybe look at entry level klipsch or polk that will cost 400 to 500. What do you think of tst1 vs polk monitor 70 or klipsch f2.
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