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How is the ar filter on the s1? I have samsung 5054 and I have a lamp next to the tv kind of behind it, but I can see the lamp light on the back wall all the way across the room! It is not bright at all, but in very dark scenes I can make out the back of my apartment!
How noticeable do you think an upgrade from a Samsung t5054 to an Panny S1 will be? I'm also considering upgrading from a 50 inch to a 65 so I know THAT part will at least be a noticeable improvement. Do you all think I will see much improvement in PQ etc? Basically what I'm asking is how big of an improvement has this 2009 model made over older 2007 models. The 5054 is an entry level set from 2007, and although the s1 is also an entry level set it still has the same...
My cable box only has a DVI output on the back of it. I have a cable that goes from it to the back of the HDMI on the back of the TV. Will that degrade the quality of the video any? I'm not really too happy with the picture of my 5054 after about 32 hours of burn in. I've also heard that the picture quality continues to increase as you get about 100 to 150 hours on it. Is this true for all plasmas? I'm a bit of a newb with plasmas here. Part of the reason I might be...
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