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Thanks -- looked at trying to find a component input DVD recorder (standalone) but no luck. Thought about that initially. Because it's called an HDfury my guess is it won't have Svideo on it. Any suggestions on other boxes that may be better than the one I have? I must have gotten an older one that is NOT HDCP compliant -- I imagine those are a thing of the past now. I like it but like I say, very faulty flesh tones. Nothing like just hitting record and walking away...
I wonder if I would be better off with this ? -- http://www.ebay.com/itm/Gefen-GTV-HDMI-2-COMPSVIDSN-HDMI-Composite-S-Video-Scaler-/131144329737?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1e88cfaa09
I have one of these and want to compare notes. Works great, audio level stinks but I can amplify that and obviously this thing has no issues with HDCP at all (right?). So far, I can record from anything, run it through this and use the svideo and audio inputs on my DVD recorder (standard definition). it's working great -- HOWEVER -- wish I knew of one that is better quality as far as color accuracy. It's a great picture but loves to put an orange hue on flesh tones. (not...
I guess the standalone DVD recorder concept is dead as far as blu ray discs are concerned right? I did see a Panasonic HDD recorder only sold in Japan. I know I can do it with an HTPC and blu ray drive but no standalones exist? with an HDMI input? and yes, I know about HDCP etc.
Do any of the roku type wifi devices have a built in browser? I realize streaming and real time are 2 different things but maybe there's one with a bare bones browser good for simple tasks?
answering my own question -- doing it now with the "my list" and it seems to be working. great !
Can I just add them to "my list" ? then press play on the first video and the remaining ones will play automatically maybe?
Does anyone know if you can set up a specific playlist for the netflix streaming videos? I know when you watch something, say a TV sitcom, when it's over it will pick a random episode and play it next (or it did for me anyway). Let's say I want to add specific videos to a playlist or queque and have them play in the order I choose (1,2,3 etc). Can this be done? Thanks much.
Looks like a no win situation -- until we're all fiber optic.
720 would be fine with me -- it's all my projector does anyway -- even 480 I could live with but this was bad. The text was out of focus etc. It did get better eventually but I don't want to watch something that has inconsistent fidelity. It's annoying. So, will hardware processing improve it? Like get a Roku or ? Can't believe Netflix is promoting streaming so much when it looks like this. been doing the DVD's for years but thought I'd try the streaming.
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