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Hi - Projector newbie here... I just picked up a 2030 to primarily be used as a summer "movie on the patio" projector. Hooked it up in the house and although the image looks really nice, it's massive! The zoom doesn't bring it down anywhere near the size I need for the patio...unless I move it up really close to the screen. Am I missing something or is this just the way it is?
I'm interested in the Epson 2000 or 2030 and find lots of places to buy them including Best Buy... But where can I actually see one demoed? Best Buy just looked at me funny when I asked why they didn't have one on display. Would anyone walk in to see a $1000 flat panel without seeing it first? Probably not. So why is a projector any different?
Using HDMI all the way. No analog...
I see a number of owners here reporting a delay in audio as the HDMI handshake happens. My experience is just the opposite. As the handshake occurs my audio for logos etc. begins before I see picture by a second or two... Anyone else seeing this issue?
"or Margaret Mitchell any greener" Margaret Mitchell? The author of Gone With the Wind wasn't green as far as I know...
Well my new 70" Elite (purchased July 28th...) seems to have developed the dreaded "won't turn on/off" problem. What course of action have others with this issue taken?
"I have to let my friend know by today..." Having a prior TV already sold is 9/10ths of the battle. I just bought the 70" Elite to replace a perfectly good 60" Elite and now have the 60" for sale in this forums classified section. It would have been a lot cleaner to have a buyer already in place before making the upgrade...but I love the 70" Elite none the less. Clem
I have up for sale my 1 year old Elite 60" PRO-60X5FD. This panel is in great condition. Included in the price is an extended warranty that is transferable to the new owner. I am selling only because I've purchased this panel's bigger 70" brother. Panel comes with still sealed 2 pairs of 3D Glasses, Still sealed remote control, panel stand as well as all the original owners paperwork. Asking price is $3500 or best offer. Pick up is available in Northern Los Angeles...
I posted this yesterday and for some reason it's deleted today?? Mods? I've had the 60" Elite for just a bit less than a year and yesterday purchased the 70" Elite to replace it. In May I moved to a new house with a much larger living room and the 60" looked lost in it. The 70" seems perfect now. I worried that seeing the 70" in the same space as the 60" was would somehow make it seem...I dunno, blurry. But it's even more beautiful than the 60 was... Very happy. Clem
Rad - Thanks for the settings. I plugged them in this afternoon and my first reaction was pretty good. I thought maybe a bit too green. I raised the color setting a couple of notches and liked it a tad better. I'll leave them and watch thru the weekend d report back. Thanks!
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