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That makes sense as I see my particular SXRD model is included in the extension of the limited warranty in Canada of the optical block for 2006 model SXRD televisions (models listed above) to June 30, 2010.http://www.sony.ca/view/613.htm Once the OB has been replaced, hopefully in the next couple of weeks, we will continue to look carefully for any degradation in the picture between now and June 30!
Okay so this leads to my next question. Likely I will get the replacement OB sometime in December and my Sony extended warranty expires also near the end of December. How long will Sony warranty this replacement OB?
We purchased our KDS50A2000 in December 2006 (extended Sony warranty good till Dec 26 2009). I have noticed the yellow haze the past several months but only acted on it this past week. When the authorized Sony tech guy called me on the phone he said he could come and view the TV directly or instead I could send him a picture of the 'problem' via email and he might be able to diagnose immediately. Well today he replied telling me that my jpeg confirmed the problem and he...
I am sure this is a basic Q: Our LNT4061 1007/1011 is wall mounted in the bedroom. The headboard of the bed is about 10 feet from the TV on the wall. What is involved in being able to listen to the TV via...wireless headphones? Any recommendations? What hardware and what setup works? Thanks for your advice.
Thanks for the reply pedramian. I have it set to Randm's settings and the backlight is at 9. Try 10?It has been on Standard.
I am new to this TV and am using Randm's settings with the two changes shown above. After all these adjustments my wife complains that it is too...dark . Now this may seem like an obvious question basic question but is it simply enough to only just...increase the brightness setting alone ?
Just yesterday I first turned on my LNT4061 (purchased Dec 24/07). I have an HDMI from it to the HD cable box (SA8300). I checked and see that my firmware and motherboard is 1007 and 1011 with version SS04. (Where in the chronology of FW and MB and version is mine?) Seeing this thread I decided to calibrate according Randm as shown in the first post. But still the picture isnt (nearly) as good as my 1 year old Sony SXRD (RP) . What I do see right away,...
I still have my 4061 in the box. It will be wall mounted on the bedroom wall at the foot of the bed. Cable came by a couple of days ago to run a new drop to this room. He decided to run a new line from the upstairs bedroom through the wall to the outside, along the edge of the flashing and then down to where the cable enters the house on the outside, in the small grey box against the wall. So in the end the cable from the road is now split into three going into the...
I have had the 50" since late December 2006. Yesterday for the first time we noticed smears of yellow on the picture; most apparent on a white background; visible for both cable and DVD watching. I will call the store soon but can I expect 'only' a repair as opposed to a replacement set? The set is less than 3 months old.
Speaking of "messed with my settings"...I have had an SXRD 50" since late Dec (August 2006 build date). My son saw me tweaking the settings and then later I found him doing more!!! . Specifically he was in the "Setup" then "Color Matrix" Custom. In this submenu it lists the following: 480i ITU601 480p ITU601 1080i ITU709 720P ITU709 1080P ITU709 I do not know if he altered the above. Can you check if these are the default..maybe they cant be even altered. On a side...
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