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Pre-loaded this last night on Steam. I've been playing the PS3 version a little and can't wait to see the PC improvements! C'mon tomorrow!!
I would rather have better frame rates and higher resolution 2D for gaming anyway.
Glad I waited on this one. I had a hunch that there would be a PS4 version. In the meantime I've got a lot of Dark Souls II to keep me busy.
D'oh, sorry.
I just received a beta invite for PlayStation Now. Has anybody else tried this yet? I won't really have time until this weekend.
I'm having a lot of problems with the jumping mechanics. If I sprint with O and use L3 to jump I always seem to move a little left or right and fall off. If I switch to O for jumping I never seem to jump exactly when I need to. Really getting frustrated...
Thanks, I had to reset the controller with a paper clip and re-pair it with the USB cable. So far, so good.
Hey, I FINALLY found a PS4 today. Everything seems to be OK except the controller doesn't vibrate. Did anybody else have this issue? I made sure it was turned on in the settings menu. Thanks, Jeff
Check out my signature for the info.
Makes sense since TLOU is more survival horror than action/adventure. Anybody still on the fence about TR? Don't miss out, some of the best graphics, controls, and gameplay the ol' PS3 can muster!
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