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That's 45 watts in to 8 ohm speakers. I think you said it was 75 watts in to 4 ohm speakers. There won't be much of a difference between 75 and 100 watts. All else being equal, you need to double your wattage to hear a noticeable difference in volume. I think you need 10 times the wattage to double the volume (i.e. 1000 watts is twice as loud as 100 watts). Since you will be using different speakers, however, you need to take the sensitivity of each set in to...
The speakers are 8 ohms so the power ratings are still based off that, however, your amp sees half of that. If they don't mention bridging in to a 4 ohm load, I'm guessing the amp wasn't designed for that. The good news is you have a decent amp that should have protection from a low load (though I still wouldn't want to trip the protection circuit), but I have seen plastic parts on an amp melt off (literally put a big hole in it) from driving too low of a load. When in...
If I remember right, bridging an amp cuts resistance in half. That 4 ohm load becomes a 2 ohm load as far as the amp is concerned. Is your amp rated for 2 ohms? If you do bridge your 4 ohm speakers, check your amps documentation to make sure it's safe to bridge it with 4 ohm speakers.
Perhaps 5 BIC DV62 CLRS and an SVS PB-1000. This would put you right around $1000 and you'd get a killer sub. If you really need to save $100 or so, you could get 3 BIC DV62 CLRs speakers and a pair of DV62 SI bookshelf speakers for surround. With the size of your room, you might need 2 Dayton 1500s if you go that rout. I don't know if you would need more than one of those SVS sub woofers or not so somebody else will need to chime in. If you need lots of volume or...
Good idea. Tried it. It's close. Maybe slightly too low. I think I'm better off with a little too low than a little too high. Proper ergonomics with a computer at your desk is to have the top of the monitor screen at eye level.
A few thoughts (since you don't seem too impressed with the speakers so far)..... Some speakers seem to need a break in period. I know some people say that's not true, but there are enough people saying they hear a difference after 10 - 50 hours to lead me to believe it is with some, but not all, speakers (the tweeters in my stock car stereo did not seem to do much of anything until I had put 1000 miles in it, then the system suddenly came to life). Play the speakers as...
I know this is late, but if you want to keep the Klipsch center and use cheaper towers for now, I would look in to BIC Accoustech so you would have horns all the way around. You can find a set of BIC PL76 within your $300 price rang with a little searching.
Definitely start paying attention to how the other sources sound. Have you tried running audyssey? How old are the speakers?
How do other sources sound? Dish may be compressing the audio. This is one reason I never got in to XM Radio and the like -- I hated the sound quality.
I'm looking for a new stand for a 50 inch plasma screen and found one for a 60 inch TV I was thinking about ordering, but it's only 19.3 inches high. With the stand on the TV itself, this would put the bottom of the screen at 24.5 inches from the ground. Is that going to be too low for my TV? Eye level when seated would be about 38 inches.
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