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Got a new panny 65PF12 and now it's run in (c.100hrs, albeit not continuous), been trying to set the greyscale properly. I've changed the following settings prior to testing output: - picture mode - Cinema - white balance - Warm - gamma - 2.2 All other settings are default and power management and peak output are off. Before I then adjust picture/contrast and brightness, output shows 30.7 fL, based on default 25 out of 30 picture/contrast setting. Whilst this...
Brilliant! Was sure I hadn't done anything to the settings, and couldn't find any setting that would have corrected this anyway. Thanks!
Another quickie - I seem to have lost the onscreen GUI, and can now only access menu options through the front panel display. I've skimmed the manual again (having not really looked at it since I set it up), and can access through my pc, but can't see what I might have done to cause the problem. For reference, both Sky HD and blu-ray route perfectly through the AVP to my plasma, just no overlayed menu! Help!
Jumping in, but what's the considered view on the video processing of the 4010 ABT vs the AVP realta?
quickie... what's everyone's preferred connection for a Sonos to the AVP - optical or digital, and any good cable recommendations? thanks, as always
Just by way of update, i had also been liaising with Denon UK regarding my stalled firmware upgrade, and mentioned my issue on the streaming of gapless music. They weren't aware of it, but thought it a "very good point" and said they would forward my suggestion to "Europe". Hopefully, we might see this, for me at least, annoying little niggle corrected in future firmware update. Glad to know they're receptive to feedback anyway. ps - what's a super-fast DNLA server?
OK then... Bravely switched the AVP off and then 10 seconds later, on again. AVP restarted - appeared ok - and then a message came up saying that retrying update. It only went to the final stage of the original download with the message "Ether WP Updating 07min". It then counted down to 01, with a few **s on the display that i didn't notice last time. Appeared to then freeze again on 01, but then within about another 3 for 4 minutes, it switched on again!!! Download...
Ah, sorry - didn't mean to deliberately mislead, just hadn't thought about it like that, although it makes perfect sense. The wireless singal was never strong enough, so this seemed like a good solution for internet radio on the AVP and limited streaming, but following what you've said, perhaps not robust enough for firmware. Can move my router into the lounge and plug in a direct cable before i re-run tonight. Interesting that even a faster connection doesn't solve...
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