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Yeah I was thinking of exchanging it, so that's what I will do, and hope for the best
I know I am late but I just got rid of my Direct TV and I bought the HomeWorx HW150PVR, so I could still utilize the cool TV features of the Xbox One. I have it all set up but I am having a problem with the HW changing channels via voice recognition. The kinect sensor hears what I say and tries to change the channel but it doesn't change. I tried moving the kinect and HW close together but it still doesn't work, and even the remote for the HW is problematic and shotty with...
I don't know if I want my porn in 4K....I like my porn low res.
Most of the channels are garbage ( to me ) and I can get almost all the shows I like with services like Netflix, Hulu + and Amazon Prime.....even if you add those 3 services it's a savings of over $100 a month.
I have Comcast....I will look in to that.
I thought about that but then I factored in the drinks and the angry wife lol
I live in SLC, Utah.....Utah Jazz games are on cable/sat only and with how bad they suck there will be no national tv games for them lol.....but mainly I watch NBA and the NBA playoffs and usually they are on pay tv until the finals. I also watch NFL and college football, and like I said the BCS game was on ESPN and I would have missed one of the best championship games in history if I didn't have satellite.
We are having a baby and I am looking at cutting costs anywhere I can.....and satellite tv ( I have Direct TV ) is one of the ways. My only problem is sports, I know I can get local channels in HD with an antenna. But that doesn't solve the sports problem, for instance the BCS championship game was on ESPN, most rounds of the NBA playoffs are on cable. Is there a trick or any other ways to get the sports I want without cable? Is there something you guys know about that I...
I don't see that feature....I will adjust it in Movie Mode and see....I found a review on Amazon from a guy that hates that feature as much as I do and he posted some calibaration settings ( see below ) that I will try when I get homeOne extremely annoying "feature" of these TVs that I've found out after purchase is the "CE Dimming" feature. This is not the "ECO Dimming" or anything you can control; It's hard-coded into the certain picture modes (Standard and Native, at...
It almost annoys me enough to return it and get the Panisonic Plasma...unless that one does the same annoying thing
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