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You know what I realize. It would be a waste of time. Just realize, the plex won't do blu ray files, correct? I need to convert them to MKV? Too much time. All the movies attached to my dune are Blu-ray files or iso files.
I want to be able to do the opposite as ScottJ mentioned. But thank you for this info. I will install this as well for when I use the Dune as a client.
Yes, I want it to do what you're describing. Can you show me where to go in my plex settings? I've been playing around with the plex server settings, but I can't seem to figure out where to add my Dune.
DUNE BASE 3.0 OWNER. Hi Guys, my Dune has been collecting dust for awhile. I had to leave the country and all my toys for close to two years. When I got back, I never got into it again. When I was into it, I never played around with the "network" aspect. Everything was USB connected and I used Zappiti. Owning a Chromecast and discovering how to use it with Plex has somewhat revived my interest in my Dune. So yesterday, I started playing with it again. I updated the...
Can someone explain the benefits of this over your usual HTPC and viewing your collection movie covers via xmbc, zappit, etc? Is this just a product to make things convenient for the super rich?
Wow, can't believe there is a thread for this TV. I'm recently getting lots of HDMI in and out drops. Was considering updating the firmware. But some of these stories are scary. I don't want to make things worse. Are the people have issues a minority or majority? Lastly, the list of compatible usb devices is very limited. So far, I have no luck with the two I've tried. What are some of you using?
BTW, I do understand a long HDMI cable is also a solution. I'm just trying to learn about these technologies.
I have a Chromecast, so I understand how it works. But I think I'm confused regarding "mirroring" vs "casting." From my understanding, casting is when the Chromecast (Receiver) itself does the processing. Mirroring is when the source is doing the processing. For example, you can mirror the Chrome tab from your notebook to your tv, but your PC is doing the processing. 1.) So I'd like to know how the other versions out there work. Who's doing the work, Receiver or...
Interesting. But I'd like to know if the app makers for the tvpad benefit from the sales of the machine. Kinda sucks that the apps are not guaranteed. They could stop working any moment. What's the extent of the incentive for the person they hired to maintain the apps?
HDHomeRun owners, I have some question I hope you can answer. Lets say I have the 3 tuner version. I understand that any computer will be able to record and watch on the network. My question is how does it behave when 3 people on 3 different pcs are watching? Let say one person is watching downstairs tuner A. I'm upstairs and I just fired up my pc about to watch some tv... Will there be any scenarios where there could be confusion and I mistakenly change the channels...
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