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How disappointing halfway through this thread it all went south, I was all set to pull the trigger....I,m getting a projector yay...but the nightmare of returns has scared me off,at least for the time being.I,m a newb compared to many on here but have had experience with audiophile equipment that was always in the shop.Do all pj threads go through this cycle of euphoria/disappointment?
Me too...but I,m still just a little intimidated with the whole install,even though I finished my own basement.Does anybody print "how to install your own projector for dummies yet"? lol
Thanks,I,m reading through the knowledge in this forum and think I would like to take a crack at doing the inastall,I still need to understand some basics,did you install yours?
I think it will be the projector! honestly I think I convinced myself when I taped out the 103" size
^^ FYI the Pearl pq looks very similar to the XBR. I just masked off what a 103 inch area looks like if I go with the pearl I must say that looks pretty huge right now...in a good way!
Funny thing they have 2 pearl projectors left too and at the price point I could get it for and the 103" screen it would take it to another level,both on viewing and cost. I would probably DIY to offset that,so its not plug and play like the XBR is,decisions,decisions.
I have been a lurker here for a while and have been considering a rear projection for my basement and while out looking at a VPL VW 50 Sony projector I came across the 70" XBR2. I have seen theese before and have always been really impressed with pq but did not want to pay the retail,now I can get the tv delivered and basic installation for what a elite 50" plasma would retail for. Should I get this tv now and be done? or wait for the new model in january?
Still very happy with this buy a few pics of my tv mounted on the wall
Great tv for the money,fits great in the bedroom,my view wifey is getting used to it! Buying it from Costco (return policy)just makes taking the plunge a no brainer.
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