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I haven't seen anyone review this yet, so here it goes. I recently upgraded the TV in my dedicated theater so I had my Mits WD-57831 we moved to the living room. This was originally my dedicated 2 channel listening room, uncluttered by a TV, but the wife wanted to move it here. I didn't want another full blown surround system adding more speakers to this room, so I decided on a sound bar. I had been less than thrilled by the powered ones I had demoed so I decided to go the...
I figured it out.
Buzz, Thanks. Is the 94 going to be much better than the 73840?
I'm debating between the 94, the 91, and the 73840. I have a dedicated theater with controlled lighting. Would I really see any difference between these 3? Also, can you turn the blue lights off the LV? Thanks.
I bought a region free U2 concert on Blu ray. When I load it into my 1610, I get the menu with sound and picture. When I go to play, I get sound, but the dreaded blue screen of death. No video. I have downloaded the latest updates. I can take it to my little cheap o home theater in a box bedroom system (RCA) and everything works fine. I'm at a loss here why the Denon won't read the picture. Any help?
Thanks. You are correct, the manual for the 8000 is horrible. I'll give that a try. I'd still like to know why it says you can't connect anything other than the same source component to Optical 3 in/out?
Audio thru the Opticals. Out is from a Polk Audio Sirius tuner. Thru a Denon AVP-8000. To a Yamaha CDR-HD1500. I want to record Sirius programming onto the HDD in the Yamaha.
I've never messed around with recording before, so I need a little help please. Here's my scenario; I have an optical out from one source running into my pre amps optical 3 input. This input is looped with the optical out. Can I attach a different source component to this out to record from the component hooked to the input? The manual says only hook the out to the same component that is hooked into the in. Is this due to the different components reading a different wave?...
I upgraded to Version 2.4. Same results. A recap on equipment and settings: Denon AVP-8000 Panny audio out via digital coax (AVP has no 5.1 ins) Set to Bitstream audio (DD, as AVP has no DTS) It will play DD on the menu, on the Fox advertisement, in French, or Spanish. In English, it converts to Pro Logic right after the Fox logo. I've been into Home Theater along time, but this is kicking my you know what. Any help?
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