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Is it a PC you're using and the overscan cuts off some of the image or something? 2.5% is fine, and you're really not missing anything unless you are using a PC and can't adjust it via software.
They're all pretty good except blue has a slight bump. It's an RCA so it has limited amount I can do(No CMS, R/G Cutoff, etc). I will check messing with it(that was the result of 30 minutes of work tbh). Plan on going full on this weekend when the kids leave.
lol, I know I have a long way to go with my calibration(my first on any tv) and I don't have a higher end set like a lot of you as I just bought this RCA W52D19 for $100 to mess around with(It's in almost mint condition). Here is my gamma after the first part of doing greyscale. Should I even bother to improve it? Looks like a 2.24 average.
Picked up a mint 50hm66 on Kijiji for 180 after our LCD died(can't stand current TVs). I've had every other kind of HDTV sold before this DLP(our first). Pretty shocked at how good the PQ is. I only see rainbows if I twitch my eyes back and forth very quickly. No input lag with games as well.
Buying the 47" version of this in a few weeks. No console gaming on it, but will play PC games on it once in a while(If laggy I have a 24" 1080p monitor so it's not a deal breaker). Other then that HDTV from rogers and bluray. Any reason I should avoid it? I don't care about 24hz as I find it adds more problems then it fixes, and we will be sitting dead centre(don't care what visitors see really). Seems like a bargain. I'm assuming the 47" model has less of a panel...
Just got a BDC5500 today. We tried out the newest Magnavox player from walmart but returned it after a few weeks. Like 5 minute loading for regular movies, seemed like 10 or more on Disney releases. The new player shocked us as Beauty and the beast was playing in less then a minute. Picture looks much improved as well. Blacks and colour specifically. Has played every MP4/MKV we have thrown at it(720p, 1080p) and they look pretty nice. Nice player especially since we only...
I would look at increasing your budget and get a720p plasma. Should be possible for 450 or so. The CoD games(on console) look like ass on LCD, as do almost all games running at subHD. The game will just look far too blurry.
I used to have the 30" version of this Sony and it most certainly does accept 720p.
It depends on what you like about the picture? If you think black levels are the only thing that matters then there are some plasmas that are better. I loved CRT but if you switched out pretty much any CRT for a half decent plasma from the last few years you would problem not have a problem with the switch. There are just more negatives from CRT then negatives from Plasma to ignore, unless you're a fanboy. Size and geometry alone are well worth the switch.
There aren't any. Plasma has sort of a soft look to it. Just as much detail, but much less harsh then LCD. LCD has no way of emulating that.Black level will not matter. It has nothing to with it.
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